José Manuel Gómez Giménez is an architect, social scientist (graduated in Political Science and Administration and Sociology), master’s in urban studies, PhD candidate and Teaching Assistant in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Member of the research group in Architecture, Urbanism and Sustainability (giau+s). His research navigates between critical geography, spatial justice and urban economics and focuses on the analysis of the evolution of socio-spatial cleavages and fractures in the Iberian urban systems. Focused on promoting diversity and sustainability in urban territories, which should include all social, economic, and ecological perspectives. Highly motivated by the creative potential of transdisciplinary approaches and multidisciplinary team working. Increasingly convinced of the necessity of political values such as environmentalism, spatial justice, internationalism in an intercultural context, participatory citizenship, and the defence of Human Rights as the only way to promote a fairer and more sustainable society for future generations. E-mail: jm.gomez@upm.es