Mid-Term Conference: REWIND, FORWARD and PLAY playlist

The Mid-Term Conference of COST Action 18126Writing Urban Places took place in Porto between October 27-28, and allowed all network members to assess and reflect on the Action’s achievements so far, as well as to prepare and envisage future projects for the second term of the project. Given this focus on the past, present and future of our work, the conference was organised in three parts: REWIND, FORWARD and PLAY. Our common account of the first two years allowed us to recognise a number of theoretical and methodological achievements, which you can revisit in the two part recording of the session entitled REWIND.In the other recording, entitled FORWARD, we share our future plans for fieldwork projects as well as the different communication strategies we intend to develop as an integral part of each of those projects. As you will see we intend to engage with different interlocutors in a number of mid-size European cities where we expect to continue fostering and encouraging productive collaboration within the network in the development our Action’s goals. Following these two sessions, all participants started working towards these future plans with their working groups. Given its disperse form this final part – PLAY, or the present of our action – was not recorded.The above mentioned videos are available on our Playlist Mid-Term Conference, divided into chapters for easy access to specific interventions within each session.

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