Working Groups

WG 4 – Fieldwork


The core of WG4 fieldwork’s activities is site-specific research. Each study consists of two phases, an analytical and a projective phase. The analytical phase gives an account of the social spatial practices in urban territories characterized by the heritage of differences by means of mapping and narrative techniques, requiring close cooperation with Working Groups 2 and 3. In the projective phase, objectives are to develop scenarios for (re) interpretation of social and cultural differences and the production of meaningful architecture and urban space where different spatial and societal practices can coexist Identifying and connecting the different stakeholders will be an important part of this WG. The WG identifies the following tasks:
  • Task 1: precedents studies/ historical and theoretical framework;
  • Task 2: Identifying and collecting site specific narratives, history and challenges (atmospheres);
  • Task 3: Organization of site-specific workshops in combination with the WG3. Combining both the findings of the WG 2 and 3, together with connecting expertise with the different stakeholders.

Deliverables of WG4 are:

  • D1. Progress report;
  • D2. Five case studies;
  • D3. Reports of Case studies with evaluation of the innovative methodologies and tools;
  • D4. Study of precedents and best practices;
  • D5. Academic journal. (8x)
For the case studies we propose a series of workshops (D2.) where the educational programs of the connected institutes invite students to develop content based on the theoretical and methodological findings of the other WG’s. By inviting different experts from the network into the educational programs, we contribute a series of analyses and projects on the case studies by the students.

Group Members

Adrienne Csizmady,
Anna Ryan Moloney,
Artur O. Feio,
Brikena Smajli,
Dace BULA,
Edeltraud Haselsteiner,
Emilio J. Gallardo-Saborido,
Emine Malkoç True,
Eva Schwab,
Fatma Tanış,
İpek Altuğ Turan,
Isabella INDOLFI,
Lamila Simisic Pasic,
Luís Santiago BAPTISTA,
Łukasz Wróblewski,
Maria Bostenaru Dan,
Marija Mano Velevska,
Marisa Kërbizi,
Musa Yavuz Alptekin,
Pablo Costa,
Patrícia Dias,
Roido Mitoula,
Romi Mikulinsky,
Sandra Denicke-Polcher,
Slobodan VELEVSKI,
Tatjana Jovović,
Zvi Weinstein,