Working Groups

WG 1 - Science Communication


Working Group 1 is responsible for the overall communication and output of the initiative, via the dissemination of the status and results of the projects and the deliverables of the different WG’s through the website and beyond the network. This implies dealing with the output of the project, in terms of reports, academic journal, website and conference proceedings, guaranteeing internal and external communications.


Online Seminar: Integration through Discourse: How do We Communicate, and Why?

“We need discourse. We need one another.” – Stanford Anderson Coming 12 May, between 10:00…

#9 - Autumn 2022

As we write this newsletter, we enter the final year of our COST Action Writing…

#8 - Summer 2022

Summer 2022. Hovering over the map, we could see Europe as an immense Luna-park, preparing…

#7 - Spring 2022

This year opened with the promise of a series of exciting activities when the world…

#6 - Winter 2021

This newsletter is, at the same time, an epilogue, a work-in-progress and an opening. The…

#5 - summer 2021

After more than a year of restrictions and uncertainty, this newsletter is a positive, promising…

#4 - spring 2021

As we are writing this short introduction, it is exactly a year ago since we…

#3 - winter 2020

After the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic felt paralysing (how to run an international…

#2 - fall 2020

As the map of Europe keeps changing its patterns from light yellow and dark orange…

#1 - spring/summer 2020

The first year of the Writing Urban Places: New Narratives of the European City Cost Action started…

Group Members

Alice Tavares is an architect and researcher, with a doctorate in Civil Engineering, RISCO [...]
WG1, WG4
Fatma Tanış is a doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Architecture andthe Built Environment, [...]
Leader, WG1
Jorge Mejía Hernández graduated as an architect in Colombia, and received a PhD form [...]
Kadir Albayrak is a lecturer in the department of german language and literature at [...]
Laurent Matthey is an associate professor at the University of Geneva. His research and [...]
Marcel (MA, MTheol, PhD) is a senior lecturer at the Department of Applied Linguistics [...]
Co-leader, WG1
Onorina Botezat is Director of the Center for Linguistic and Intercultural Research and Associate [...]
Ramona MIHĂILĂ is vice rector for International Relations and full professor Ph.D. at the [...]
Dr. Rebeka Vital is an experienced senior lecturer at Shenkar school of Design, where [...]
Sanne is an artist/graphic designer. She designes books, murals and signage in collaboration with [...]
Action Vice Chair, WG1
Susana Oliveira, Associate Professor, Faculty of Fine-Arts, Lisbon University, Portugal. She studied Fine-Arts, has an [...]
Tadeja Zupančič is a professor at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture. She [...]
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tuğba Elmacı is a member of Communication Faculty ofCanakkale Onsekiz Mart [...]
WG1, WG2
Willie Vogel graduated in 2020 from the Technical University of Delft. In her final [...]