Andrea Stegani is an independent researcher focusing his practice on culture and creative communities. Andrea has worked for nearly six years on the Valletta Design Cluster project, a community space for cultural and creative practice and one of the flagship and legacy projects of Valletta 2018 European Capital of Culture, where he covered the role of Creativity Coordinator with the responsibility of implementing the cultural program of the VDC. Such program entailed Andrea working closely with local and international stakeholders active in design, making, entrepreneurship, food production, arts and culture, placemaking and mobility, social wellbeing to deliver sets of community-engaging events and activities which align with the remit of the VDC. Andrea is also a singer and actor, and has worked as artist of the choir in many operas in Malta and in Europe, as well as in Maltese productions of Shakespeare plays.

Andrea’s research interests cover culture as the expression of traditional and innovative traits within communities; the impact of creative projects on communities and their quality of life; positive outputs generated by knowledge and resource sharing processes, among others.