Leader, WG3

Carlos Machado e Moura is an architect (FAUP, 2006), postgraduate in Architectural Heritage (CEAPA-FAUP, 2013), PhD candidate (PDA-FAUP/FCT, 2015) and integrated researcher at the University of Porto (CEAU-FAUP). He currently teaches history and theory of architecture at the University of Porto (FAUP) and the University of Minho (EAAD) and is deputy editor-in-chief of J–A Jornal Arquitectos (2022-24). Carlos is also a researcher of the project (EU)ROPA Rise of Portuguese Architecture (CES-UC), and the author of books like Building Views (Circo de Ideias, 2017) and Casas Quinhentistas de Castelo Branco (CMCB/Argumentum, 2008). Alongside his practice as an architect with MAVAA, Carlos co-organised several initiatives about Drawing and was assistant curator of the “Physics of Portuguese Heritage” exhibition (DGPC, 2018-19) and Open House Porto 2016. His work has received several awards and recognitions, including Premio Architettura Toscana 2022, Prémio Távora 2020, an honourable mention of Premio Architetto Italiano 2020 and the award of merit of AZ Awards 2019.