Leader, WG3

Carlos Machado e Moura is an architect (FAUP, 2006), postgraduate in Architectural Heritage (CEAPA-FAUP, 2013), PhD candidate (PDA-FAUP) and integrated researcher at the University of Porto (CEAU-FAUP). His PhD research, funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (2015), focuses on the use of comics and graphic narrative in architectural publications in the 1960s. He lectured at the University of Florence (2009/10), integrated research projects on urban regeneration and local development, and practised as an architect independently or with his office MAVAA. Co-author of the book “Casas Quinhentistas de Castelo Branco” (CMCB/Argumentum, 2008), author of “Building Views” (Circo de Ideias, 2017), and member of J–A Jornal Arquitectos’ editorial team (2015-19), Carlos published several articles on architecture, narrative and print. Besides his participation in CA18126, he presently collaborates with Jofebar/panoramah!® and is a researcher of “(EU)ROPA – Rise of Portuguese Architecture” (CES-UC, 2018/21). He was recipient of the award “Prémio Távora” (2020). cmoura@arq.up.pt