Clara Sarmento, (Ph.D. in Portuguese Culture) is Tenured Full Professor and director of Centre for Intercultural Studies, Polytechnic of Porto (P.PORTO), Portugal (www.iscap.ipp.pt/cei). She is also course director of MA in Intercultural Studies for Business, P.PORTO, member of Anthropology Advisory Board and Guest-Editor, Cambridge Scholars Publishing (CSP), UK. Academic background: Aggregation in Cultural Studies, University of Aveiro, Portugal. PhD in Portuguese Culture, MA in Anglo-American Studies, Graduate in Portuguese-English Studies, University of Porto. Current research topics: Intercultural Studies and Communication; Ethnography; Feminist and Gender Studies; Culture Applied to Business, Tourism and Development. Research themes within COST Action CA18126: Graffiti and Street Art (www.streetartcei.com).  Distinctions: ‘American Club of Lisbon Award for Academic Merit’; CES Award for Young Social Scientists, U.COIMBRA; PRODEP III (EC) grant; ‘book of the month-Social Sciences’, CSP; PAPRE (P.PORTO) for papers in high quality journals; Gardners’ (UK) ‘Author of the Month’; Santander UNICOVID Award for project “Street Art Against COVID”; Santander Grant Best Practices in Digital Education. Espaço T Interculturality Award 2022 – Education.