Giuseppe Resta is a PhD architect. He is Assistant Professor of Architecture at the Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey. He is owner and curator of Antilia Gallery (IT) and co-founder of the architecture think tank PROFFERLO (IT-UK). Resta is a member of the board of directors of ICoRSA (IE). His research on architecture and the city is focused on the relationship between space and power, and on adaptive reuse via artistic practices. His latest monographic books are “AB Chvoya. Architectural bureau” (2020) and “Atlante di progetti per l’Albania. La città e il territorio nel primo Novecento” (2019), both published by Libria. Resta joined the COST Action CA18126 Writing Urban Places for its multidisciplinary approach to urban narration. He can be reached at giusepperesta.arch@gmail.com.