Imge Akcakaya Waite, PhD, is a lecturer and researcher at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Istanbul Technical University (ITU). She earned her PhD in the Urban Planning Department of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Luskin School of Public Affairs, with her dissertation titled “Planning, power, politics: Urban redevelopment in Istanbul.” During her years at UCLA, Dr. Waite took part in research activities at Lewis Center for Regional Studies, and worked on the special projects management team of the UCLA International Institute. As a faculty member of ITU where she has been affiliated since 2005, Dr. Waite has participated in UN-HABITAT, EU and nationally funded projects. Among her recent fields of research and teaching are decision-making and governance mechanisms, inclusive practices, and reproduction of urban space. Her primary interest in the COST Action CA18126 Writing Urban Places is on exploring the ways in which communities of mid-size European cities can be empowered and involved in the governance of their living environments by reflecting on their hopes, expectations and challenges in the process of local socio-spatial change. Dr. Waite can be reached at imgeawaite@itu.edu.tr.