Kübra Bıyuk Öksüz is an architect and Ph.D. candidate at Istanbul Technical University, Architectural Design Program. She holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Karadeniz Technical University, Department of Architecture, in 2016 and an M.Arch. degree from the same university in 2020. For her master’s dissertation, she analyzed household diversity and social sustainability relations. As a practicing architect, she has worked in various offices in Trabzon, Istanbul, and Milan. She is currently a research/teaching assistant at Istanbul University Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture. Her primary research interests are architectural theory, design research, and practice. She is currently investigating the relationship between spatial configurations, user behavioral patterns, social relations, and cultural meanings. Her official page: https://avesis.istanbul.edu.tr/kubrabiyuk; Her official e-mail: kubrabiyuk@istanbul.edu.tr