Lamila Simisic Pasic, Dr. is Assistant Professor, Architecture Program, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Science, International University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is interested in advanced digital applications in architecture practice and computation within the generative processes of design. She is interested in the visualization of data and the design of spaces that combines art, technology, and architecture. She is exploring new possibilities in architectural design by searching for possible visual languages that are reshaping visual compositions and architectural elements such as line, shape, color, solids and voids, and their compositions into more intuitive languages. How could data that is produced, transmitted, and received, shape the space? Her interest is in the usage and visualization of data collected on our journey through virtual and real realms, as an element for the construction of the overlapping realm. She looks for the identification, humanization, and beautification of the artificial and real, fostered by a new dialog between humans and both realities. Email: lsimisic@ius.edu.balmsimisic@gmail.com