Marie Stender, Senior Researcher, Head of the Research Group Transformation of Housing and Places, Department of the Built Environment, Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark. Stender is an anthropologist and PhD in Media, Architecture and Design, and her research focusses on the relationship between social life and the built environment. Based on ethnographic fieldwork she contributes with knowledge of how people and communities interact with their urban and domestic surroundings, and how societal changes materialize in built environments. Stender has contributed to research and praxis on how to enhance and assess social sustainability in urban neighbourhoods, and has developed evaluation designs and methods related to regeneration of disadvantaged neighbourhoods in collaboration with various stakeholders in the housing and building sector. She is the co-founder and project manager of the Nordic Research Network for Architectural Anthropology and has published books and articles on architectural anthropology, place-making, disadvantaged neighbourhoods and social sustainability. Email-address: mste@build.aau.dk