Matej Nikšič, PhD, architect and urban designer, Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Matej Nikšič is an architect working in the fields of urban planning and urban design. He is a senior scientific associate at the Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (UIRS). His research addresses liveability and sustainability of urban settlements, urban dinamics and form, urban regeneration, participatory planning and provision of urban public spaces. He is a co-author of Public Space and Urban Justice (2017), Human Cities – Challenging the city scale (2018) and Enabling the City (2021). He is assistant professor at Faculty of Architecture at University of Ljubljana. He works in inter- and trans-disciplinary teams at the national and international levels, where he challenges the translation of the rich legacy of research projects into urban planning practice. He is part of a core team developing new urban planning policies and recommendations for the national spatial planning ministry. Currently he leads the Slovenian team of EU Smoties project addressing participatory design of public spaces with remote communities (https://humancities.eu/smoties/). Contact: matej.niksic@uirs.si Further info: www.uirs.si