Nevena Dakovic is a film theorist, professor and  scholar of film and media. She is full professor of Film Theory/Film and Media Studies at the Department of Theory and History, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Univesity of Arts, Belgrade. Also, she is Chair of Interdisciplinary PhD Art and Media Studies at UoA, and Director of the Institute for Theatre, Film, Radio and Television, FDA. Nevena Dakovic has written a number of books, most notably Images without Memory: trauma, film, transmission, 2020Studije filma: Ogledi o filmskim tekstovima sećanja, 2014; Balkan as a film genre: image, text, nation/Balkan kao filmski žanr: slika, tekst, nacija, 2008, and edited important titles among which are Film and Screen Media Studies: Serbia 3.0/ Studije filma i /ekranskih/ medija: Srbija 3.0, 2019; Graničnici sećanja: jevrejsko nasleđe i Holokaust. 2018, Media Archaeology, 2016; Representation of the Holocaust in the Balkans in Arts and Media, 2015, etc. Nevena Daković publishes in national and international frameworks (UK, Turkey, Slovakia, Italy, Austria, France, the USA..), participates at conferences and is a  committee member of international project groups (COST, ERASMUS, HORIZON 2020). She is often invited as guest lecturer at European and American Universities. She is a member of Academia Europaea.  She has been appointed associate editor of ER (European Review, Core Cambridge Journal), a position she will take in January 2021. Her main research themes are cinema, media, nation, representation, the Balkans, the Holocaust, cultural memory.