Pablo Costa, Portuguese-Brazilian Architect & Urbanist. He holds an MA
in Urbanism – Urban Renewal at PUC-Campinas (Brazil) and he is a PhD
candidate in Urbanism at Lisbon School of Architecture (FA) University
of Lisbon (Portugal). His investigation focuses on the processes of
urban obsolescence and interim reuse of vacant spaces. He was a
researcher in the project NoVOID – _Ruins and Vacant Lands in Portuguese
Cities_ (2018-2019 | University of Lisbon) and iWRECKS – _Industrial
Wrecks: Reusing Enhancing aCKnowledging Sheds_ (2019 | Università degli
Studi di Padova – Italy). Currently, Pablo is a researcher at URBinLAB –
_Urbanism and Territorial Dynamics _(FA-ULisboa) and also a member of
the Writing Urban Places – _New Narratives of the European City_ (COST
Action CA18126). Email: pablocosta@campus.ul.pt