Dipl-Ing., AA Dip, ARB, National Teaching Fellow HEA. Deputy Head of Architecture at the School of Art, Architecture and Design, London Metropolitan University.

Since 2000, Sandra’s work identifies the complex relationships between architectural education and practice and explores how learning can be enhanced by the involvement of stakeholders and communities. She has worked on a large number of community live projects in the UK and abroad. She co-runs Crossing Cultures in Southern Italy, which addresses issues around migration, settlement and identity, and is currently collaborating on a multidisciplinary research project to identify what impact this has on the mental health of the participants and reactivation of marginalized areas. She published on “Architecture of Multiple Authorship” in Architecture and Resilience, Routledge 2018, on how such projects “support Intercultural Learner Relationships”, Routledge 2021, and on “Crossing Cultures” and how the project creates a culture of global citizenship for students, Charrette 6(2) 2020.