Sanne is an artist/graphic designer. She designes books, murals and signage in collaboration with architects. Since 2012 she is involved in the corporate identity and books for TU Delft, Architecture, Methods, Analysis & Imagination. Working close together with Klaske Havik she designed ‘Urban Literacy’, ‘Writingplace’ and ‘Writing Urban Places’. 
Sanne’s free work consists of drawings made with ink on paper. The rhythm of nature and the simple line can be found in all drawings. She draws very intuitively and developed an abstract language, which often translates current topics.
In 2016 she started her own coach practise named ‘studio zeezicht coaching’. Curious and with attention, she approaches design and coach questions with an open mind. She guides creative professionals to develop their own visual language and guides to find balance and fulfillment in work and personal life.
You can reach her at: studio@sannedijkstra.nl