Serap Durmus Ozturk is Associate professor at Karadeniz Technical University, Department of Architecture, Trabzon, Turkey, since 2018. Ph-D of the same institution in 2014 with the thesis “A Rhetorical Construction of Architectural Thought: Usûl-i Mimârî-i Osmânî”. She began working in the area of theory, criticism and method in 2014, developing a distinct research approach between narratives and texts using literary and architectural tools. She explored the architectural texts are exemplified that they have a unique rhetorical language literally and was awarded the Serhat Ozyar Young Scientist Award for Social Sciences in Turkey with her PhD in 2015. She was awarded Ibn Rushd (Averroes) Award of Merit in Social Sciences (USOS Congress, Malaga/Spain) in 2017. Scientific Committee member of Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center (DAKAM), Editorial Board member International Journal of Architecture and Urban Studies since 2017. The research interests include rhetoric, narrative, text and developing analysis tools-methods for architecture. She is currently leading post graduate courses on “Rhetoric in Architecture”, “Theoretical Construction of Architectural Thought” and “Discourse Analysis in Architecture”. serapdurmus@ktu.edu.tr