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Willie Vogel graduated in 2020 from the Technical University of Delft. In her final project she used narrative tools to research the feeling of being at home through scales. After graduating she moved to Berlin where she is finishing her double degree bachelors in philosophy with a thesis on ecophilosophy and new materialism. She works part time on a start-up with Sophie van Riel and Italo de Vroom to develop the graduation project further under the name Studio Makadam. Furthermore, she is part-time working on the start-up named Studio Inscape where she merges her philosophical interests with (architectural)design together with Eileen Stornebrink and Charlotte von Meijenfeldt. Finally, she is involved in the network as research assistant for the chair Methods of Analysis and Imagination at the TU Delft, architecture department. further information: www.willie.c.vogel.eu contact: willie.c.vogel@gmail.com