Call: Building our Library: A Bibliography for Writing Urban Places

As a diverse network, Writing Urban Places convokes a group of scholars and researchers from many countries and disciplines. This rich background and expertise are expressed in a number of outputs which contain the knowledge produced and developed by all action members on the topics that focus our attention: architecture, the city, literature, narratives, and the quest for more inclusive societies, among others.

We can all benefit from this knowledge by making each other aware of what we’ve thought and written about.

To achieve this objective, we would like to invite all members of our network to submit one or more bibliographical references to their previous work that is specifically related to the themes we are developing jointly.

We intend to build our own bibliography, with references and links to articles, papers, chapters, books, videos, and other media that can be considered relevant for the action.

If you are interested in sharing references and/or links to your previous or recent work with the whole action, just send us your own list of references (please follow strictly) in the body of an email with the subject/title building our library to, with your name, country you’re representing in the action, and working group(s) you’re involved in.

We will evaluate all references individually, select those that are clearly related to our topic, and in some cases request a small review or explanation of a particular source, which will be highlighted as part of the news in our website

This call is open between June 15 and July 15, 2020. We look forward to your contributions!

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