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Special Issue 1

Call for contributions for the first issue of LIT&TOUR: International Journal of Literature and Tourism Research

Life in us is like the water in a river
Henry David Thoreau

Water contains multiple layers of meaning. It is associated with purification, the washing away of sins, rebirth. Water is an emblem of flow, fluidity, movement, transition, change. Water refreshes, regenerates, vitalises. Water is life itself! As such, there is no wonder it has been a symbol in the literary works of all times, appearing in a variety of shapes: ocean, sea, river, lake, waterfall, rain and many more. Water itself travels through time and space and is shaped by tangible and intangible heritage, changing landscapes and the ways we see the world.

However, waterscapes in literature have not been studied much with relation to tourism. And yet they are a significant form of heritage and culture, and a material place as well.

This special issue of LIT&TOUR seeks critical thinking on the representations and experiences of waterscapes related to literature and tourism. The conference offers an opportunity to explore the ways waterscapes have been represented in literature and how they attract or can be used as a tourist resource. Despite its main focus on literature, we invite researchers across the social sciences and humanities to provide a multidisciplinary approach to waterscapes and the ways in which they are represented in different cultural contexts.

The publication, in English, will be on but not limited to the following subtopics:

  • The role of waterscapes in literary tourism;
  • Ecoliterature and tourism;
  • Water images and representations in literature, cinema, and visual arts;
  • Branding and marketing waterscapes;
  • Storytelling, tourism, and waterscapes;
  • Traditional water related activities;
  • Tourism and cruises;
  • Science fiction and waterscapes;
  • Waterscapes and sustainable development goals;
  • Heritage and waterscapes.

Guidelines for Abstracts

We invite submissions in form of abstracts of 300-500 words to be submitted to no later than 31st January 2022. After an initial review of abstracts by the editors, selected authors will be invited to contribute full-length (5.000-8.000 words) original research articles written according to LIT&TOUR guidelines for authors that can be found here. The deadline for full articles is 30th May 2022. The issue is expected to come out by July 2022.

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