call for papers – IPSI Transactions on Internet Research / Special issue: Digital Memory Turn

The journal IPSI Transactions on Internet Research – under the auspicies of Academia Europeaea – was established in the year 2005, by the IPSI Belgrade Limited, a research-oriented company formed with the seed money of the German Fraunhofer IPSI institute in Darmstadt. It is listed at the eSCI list of the WoS system and focuses on the issues that synergize, on one hand, the Internet oriented science and engineering, and, on the other hand, humanities and social studies. So far, 10 different articles were contributed by Nobel Laureates (

Special issue: Digital Memory Turn

The digital turn in memory studies, and the cultural memory boom in general, brought on, not only enhanced and rapidly growing digitisation of memories, but also the rethinking of themes, ontologies, philosophies, narrative structures, representational patterns, and many other aspects of memory. Digital technologies enable an innovative managing and display of memories; formation of new collections; novel archival and curating practices thus inciting the creation of new digital tools. Last but not the least, digital technologies open up numerous opportunities for a variety of educational courses in digital competencies.

A variety of themes and practices, together with critical and analytical theories and reflexions regarding digital memories, are heard all over the world. They cover a large range of spatio-temporal frameworks – cities, regions, Europe, USA, III world in different time periods – and media ecology, from analogue to digital. By looking at various rewarding synergies of digital practices and memories – cultural, media, art, historical, national – this themed issue of IPSI considers digital embodiments of memory such as digital memory texts and narratives; archives, collections, and curatorial practices; media, art, and museums in digital context; as well as the analysis of changes brought to the IT side with these new domains and issues.

The Journal focuses particularly on memory/history/archive/digital issues. We especially, but not exclusively, encourage contributions on the following topics and approaches:

  • Digital memory texts and narratives;
  • Digital embodiments of memory
  • Urban digital narratives;
  • Digital practices of virtual museums and collections and virtual museum visits (including all such practices arising from covid19 pandemic)
  • Different uses of digitised memories in education, training, and dissemination of knowledge;
  • Digitisation and preservation of media texts;
  • Digital and media archaeology;
  • Evolving memory forms in relation to digital technologies;
  • Evolving digital memory practices;
  • technology designers vs. content creators vs. consumers, and vice versa: points of convergence and divergence
  • Analyses of the different project experiences
  • Managing and management of digital memory objects
  • Cloud memories: where are our memories?
  • What consumers want, vs. what content creators offer, vs. what technology designers deliver

Please submit an abstract of 250 – 300 words and a brief biography until 25th May 2020 to our guest editor, prof. Nevena Dakovic (n.m. and the editorial board ( Final submissions (2.800 – 6.000 words, or 18.000-40.000 characters, excluding references and notes on authors) are due on 20th August 2020. Only submissions that follow IPSI notes for contributors will be considered. Notes, paper layout, template and an example of the text are to be found on

All submissions are subject to approval by the blind peer-review process of the journal.

Contact Info: (Jakob Salom)

          n.m. (prof. Nevena Dakovic)


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