Call for Papers: Lit&Tour

LIT&TOUR fosters research in the areas of Literature and Tourism and includes experts from all over the world. It offers free access to knowledge and a rigorous peer-review-based system.

Any current calls for articles for this journal on a special theme or topic will be listed below. This journal has an open call for general submissions year-round. Please visit the Information for Authors for further information.

Ongoing call for Lit&Tour

Lit&Tour accepts proposals for original and unpublished academic work on topics related to the objectives and scope of the journal, such as:

  • literature and tourism;
  • concepts and methodologies of literature and tourism;
  • representations of tourism and of the tourist in literature;
  • pilgrims, tourists, travellers, and literary visitors;
  • literature, tourism and landscape (urban, rural, aquatic…);
  • literature, tourism and built heritage;
  • literature, tourism and natural heritage;
  • literary guides;
  • literary geography;
  • literary places;
  • literary cartography;
  • literary maps;
  • literary cities;
  • literary tourism;
  • history of literary tourism;
  • literary heritage and tourism;
  • literary tourism and cultural identity;
  • literary landscape and tourist landscape;
  • literary tourism destinations;
  • literary tourism and sustainability;
  • impacts and opportunities for literary tourism;
  • literary tourism products and experiences;
  • houses, museums and writers’ foundations;
  • literature museums;
  • literary festivals;
  • literary routes and itineraries;
  • literary hotels and library hotels;
  • literary cafés;
  • gardens and literary parks;
  • film-induced literary tourism;
  • literary tourism and visual arts;
  • literary tourism and music;
  • literary tourism and gastronomy;
  • literary tourism and oral literature;
  • literary-based leisure practices;
  • literary tourism and education;
  • literary tourism and digital applications;
  • others, within the scope of the journal.

Guidelines for submissions

We invite submissions to Original research articles written according to LIT&TOUR guidelines for authors that can be found here.


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