Call for Projects – Field-work Exhibition: Writing Urban Places, Porto Conference 18-19 November 2020


As part of the activities of the Writing Urban Places COST Action CA18126, Working Group 4 is promoting an exhibition of projects as examples of Field Work related to the general topic of the network, to be presented in the mid-term conference in November in Porto.

The main objective of Writing Urban Places network is to investigate, develop and implement responsible approaches for human understanding of communities, and their situatedness in urban places, by narrative methods. By recognising the value of local urban narratives – stories rich in information regarding citizens’ socio-spatial practices, perceptions and expectations – the network aims to articulate a set of concrete literary devices; bringing together scientific research in the fields of literary studies, sociology, media studies, urban planning and architecture; and positioning this knowledge vis-à-vis progressive redevelopment policies carried out in medium-sized cities in Europe.

Working Group 4’s role in the network is to test theories and methods of urban research and design in different cities in Europe that is connected to the site specific observations. The aim of Working Group 4 is to map and further elaborate on the theoretical and the methodological knowledge produced and disseminated by other Working Groups. In order to clarify and open further discussion for the scope of Field Work in the context of Writing Urban Places network, this phase of the Action is collecting projects already conducted by  network members that illuminate the main thematic targets:

  1. Meaningfulness: offering local communities and professionals the ability to improve their understanding of their built environment.
  2. Appropriation: empowering communities by improving their ability to project their feelings on their built environment.
  3. Integration: offering concrete tools and methods for the construction of common grounds among communities, based on relations of meaningfulness and appropriation of their built environment.

We invite MC members and participants of all Working Groups involved in the Action to present a project at the exhibition that will take place during the conference in Porto in November 2020. The general aim of the exhibition is to comprehend, discuss, and define the objectives and the format of the Field Work which is expected to be conducted in the second phase of the COST Action grant period.

The call asks for projects, being these cultural events or applied research, such as festivals, exhibitions, carthographies, digital mappings, case study investigations, on-site analysis and other forms of representation, that express the objectives of the action. The exhibited material is expected to respond to three main thematic targets of Writing Urban Places. It is beneficial if the projects presented at the exhibition establish a relation with the work already conducted by Working Groups 2 and 3 (see also the Vademecum publication in As a guarantee to have a proper knowledge and due to copyright liabilities it is necessary that proponents have an active participation in the production of the presented projects as authors, co-authors or participants. Projects that have been already presented by action members in the previous Working Group 4 session need to be resubmitted according the guidelines of the present call.

Contributors should submit a 300 word abstract, images and additional information following the provided template (downloadable, below) as pdf. and doc. file. All material should be submitted via email ( according to the provided deadlines.


Projects should be submitted for review on one A4 size as Office word and PDF format including the following information:

  • Author(s), title, country/city, and date
  • 1-3 images of the project
  • A 300 word text referring to the main objectives of the call  
  • Main research field: architecture, urban studies, literary studies etc.
  • Name the stakeholders responsible and involved in the project (if any) institution(s), agency(s), groups, local authorities etc.
  • A short bibliography of publications or online links for further information about the project.
  • A short biography and affiliation of the authors (max. 150 words)

All submitted material will be evaluated by a committee of reviewers formed among the Core Group members.



  • July 31 – Deadline for submitting preliminary material (A4 format pdf and doc) via email (
  • September 11 – Selection of exhibition projects
  • September 30 – Deadline for submitting the full text (500-1000 words) including 6-10 – Submission of images and/or other graphic material
  • October 16 – Confirmation of accepted projects
  • October 30 – Final posters

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