Conference: “Undoing Conflict in Museums”

Every year, the International Committee for Architecture and Museum Techniques (ICAMT) of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) holds an international conference that brings together specialists from various fields, such as museography, museology, architecture, and exhibition design.

In 2023, the University of Porto will host the 49th International Conference of ICAMT-ICOM from October 25th to 27th. The event will be co-organized by the Center for Transdisciplinary Research “Culture, Space, and Memory” (CITCEM) and the Center for Studies in Architecture and Urbanism (CEAU).

The conference’s main theme is “Undoing Conflict in Museums: Materiality and Meaning of Museum Architecture and Exhibition Design.” Participants can focus their discussions on the power of conflict exhibitions and the role of architecture and exhibition design in managing conflict in museums.

Furthermore, various arts and design-based creative workshops will also be available to explore these topics. Participants will have the option to select from multiple round table discussions that will focus on four key themes:


Key Theme 1 – Dealing with Conflict

Key Theme 2 – Symbols of Conflict

Key Theme 3 – Processes and Conflict

Key Theme 4 – Healing, Resistance and the Future

Participants in this event will be able to do so through the following presentation formats:

Paper Presentations – They will be face-to-face and last 15 to 20 minutes (max.).

Digital Posters – Static image (jpeg, jpg) for online display.

Short-Videos – Presentation of 8 to 10 minutes for online viewing.

All submissions and presentations (oral presentations, posters, short videos) must be made in English.

Proposals must be sent to the following email address: by May 31, 2023 (midnight GTM)

Other important dates are:

July 5, 2023 – Communication of acceptance or rejection of the proposal.

September 5, 2023 (midnight GMT) – Deadline for final papers, posters and short video submission.

For more information and updates, please follow the link:


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