IMUAU, Basics of Architectural Design

Second year, group 26, workshop by Lorin Niculae

In Bucharest, Romania, a group of 33 architecture students used the Repository 49 Methods and Assignments for Writing Urban Places to analyse the city through various lenses. The group have been introduced to the repository by Writing Urban Places member Lorin Niculae, Associate Professor at the Basics of Architectural Design Dept. at “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning and Irina Scobiola, Assistant Professor. 

Below, some of the students’ initial findings are placed in the Repository of Methods workbook format. To build upon this initial site analysis, the 33 students will contact the original Repository of Methods authors for feedback on their application of the method and results. The aim is for the students to develop a broad range of site analysis skills for future projects whilst understanding the value of research methods. Furthermore, the methods from the RoM represent recent „soft-dialogic” methods of investigation, as complementary to the „hard-dissection” methods used in a regular multicriterial site analysis. Their use is meant to open new directions of investigation that go beyond the analysis dogma.Please find a small selection of the students’ work below. 

  • Oprea Maria used Walking and Scoring by Saskia de Wit
  • Lisman Diana-Stefania used Exhausting Urban Places… á la George Perec by Jeremy Hawkins
  • Roman Daniela Maria used Atlasing Urban Experiences by Caendia Wijnbelt

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