Meaningfulness, Appropriation and Integration of/in City Narratives

Edited by Sonja Novak and Angeliki Sioli.

The goal of the mini online conference “Meaningfulness, Appropriation and Integration of/in City Narratives” (November 17th, 2020 over Zoom™) was to initiate a discussion on how the respective terms are understood from a theoretical perspective within the COST Action “Writing Urban Places: New Narratives of the European City.” After a fruitful and productive first year dedicated to the exploration of minor terms for the writing of urban places (see Vademecum, also in this Output section), the Working Group 2 turns its attention to the examination of the three main terms that represent the foundation of the Action.

The present booklet presents summaries of the keynote lectures, statements, responses and discussions, that took place on the day of the conference, along with selective visual material that accompanied these contributions. It is meant as a guide for the on-line recordings, offering the reader with a virtual map for locating where the extended versions of all these contributions exist in the recorded videos.


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