Tales of Tallinn

Mabel Cheung

As part of my master’s education in TU Delft’s architecture track in the studio of Methods of Analysis and Imagination, my colleagues and I spent two weeks in Tallinn, Estonia in October of 2023. In those two weeks we completed fieldwork, interviews, archival research, disciplinary analysis, and plenty more.

As a method of research I experimented with double exposure analogue photography while doing fieldwork. To me it was a mindful way of exploring the site, to capture observed elements that are worthy of comparison and analysis. These images were taken in various locations in Tallinn, mostly in Lasnamäe. The text that follow these analogue photos are creative adaptations of tales and memories collected from locals as well as observations and research findings. The combination of these images and texts create postcards explaining the result of the research.

In the context of the TU Delft Graduation studio A Matter of Scale, which investigates the city of Tallinn, student Mabel Cheung built upon the method “Double-exposing Place” by Caendia Wijnbelt, which can be found in the REPOSITORY 49 Methods and Assignments for Writing Urban Places.


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