COST Action CA18126 – Writing Urban Places

New Narratives of the
European City

Latest Updates
November 29, 2021
Our mid-term conference REWIND, FORWARD and PLAY has been registered in the feuilleton Sveučilišni glasnik. Besides past activities it also highlights the upcoming training school in Osijek. You can find the article on the 5th page following this link.
November 25, 2021
Call for contributions for a special issue of Journal of Narrative and Language Studies Deadline: 15th of January Drawing on Paul Riccoeur’s theory of identity being considered in terms of narrative identity (Time and Narrative, 1984–88), one can argue that a city as a built and designed environment represents an entity that over time establishes...
November 21, 2021
The Mid-Term Conference of COST Action 18126Writing Urban Places took place in Porto between October 27-28, and allowed all network members to assess and reflect on the Action’s achievements so far, as well as to prepare and envisage future projects for the second term of the project. Given this focus on the past, present and future of our work, the conference was...
November 10, 2021
Dear network members, please think about getting involved in our translation project “Other Destinations: Translating the Mid-sized European City”. The project revolves around collaborating within, but also outside the network, on proposing a short literary text in your language to be translated into English. For details, please check out the following [link to poster]. Please give us...
October 22, 2021
CA18126 Mid-term Conference: 27 and 28 October We are excited to share with you the program of the mid-term conference in Porto. For more information about this two-day event check the poster or the following link.
October 20, 2021
DRAWING IMAGINARY PLACES. REFLECTIONS ON TIME, SCALE, SITE and NARRATIVE A publication on drawing imaginary places across disciplines.  Drawing in series – Bloomsbury Publishers We are seeking drawn contributions for a book to be published by Bloomsbury Publishing as part of the Drawing In series. Drawing Imaginary Places: Reflections on Time, Scale, Site and Narrative...

New Narratives of the European City

Writing Urban Places proposes an innovative investigation and implementation of a process for developing human understanding of communities, their society, and their situatedness, by narrative methods. It focuses particularly on the potential of narrative methods for urban development in European medium-sized cities.

By recognising the value of local urban narratives – stories rich in information regarding citizens socio-spatial practices, perceptions and expectations – the Action aims to articulate a set of concrete literary devices within a host of spatial disciplines; bringing together scientific research in the fields of literary studies, urban planning and architecture; and positioning this knowledge vis-à-vis progressive redevelopment policies carried out in medium-sized cities in Europe.

Working Groups

WG 1 – Science Communication

Working Group 1 is responsible for the overall communication and output of the initiative, via the dissemination of the status…

WG 2 – Theoretical Framework

Working Group 2 is concerned with how theoretical reflections can stimulate the thinking and praxis of narrating urban places of medium-sized…

WG 3 – Methodological Framework

The objectives of WG3 include the investigation and development of appropriate analytical and projective methods to understand narratives…

WG 4 – Fieldwork

The core of WG4 fieldwork’s activities is site-specific research. Each study consists of two phases, an analytical and a projective phase…