WUP Movies: how it all started?

Following Jorge Mejía Hernández’s initiative, Working Group 1, which was in charge of scientific communication, invited several Action members to record their thoughts and findings

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Translating the Mid-sizedEuropean City edited byMichael G. Kelly, Jorge Mejía Hernández, Sonja Novak, Giuseppe Resta The present collection of translations arises from our work within

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Writingplace Journal #7

Edited by Slobodan Velevski, Luís Santiago Baptista, Aleksandar Staničić, and Klaske Havik This issue of Writingplace Journal moves into the field, exploring the moment when reflection turns

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Writingplace Journal #6

Edited by Sonja Novak, Angeliki Sioli, Susana Oliveira and Klaske Havik The sixth issue is an invitation to look beyond the definitions of meaningfulness, appropriation

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The City and the Myth

Çanakkale fieldwork output, edited by Giuseppe Resta This book collects the results of an international workshop organised in July 2022 as a part of the

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