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Other Destinations

Translating the Mid-sized European City The latest publication of our network, Other Destinations. Translating the Mid-sized European City edited by Michael G. Kelly, Jorge Mejía Hernández, Sonja

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Voices and Silences

A reflection on Delft by Sílvia Quinteiro. Sílvia was in Delft during the Closing Symposium: Writing Urban Places, June 2023. In a late October afternoon,

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IMUAU, Basics of Architectural Design

Second year, group 26, workshop by Lorin Niculae In Bucharest, Romania, a group of 33 architecture students used the Repository 49 Methods and Assignments for Writing Urban Places to analyse

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Tales of Tallinn

Mabel Cheung As part of my master’s education in TU Delft’s architecture track in the studio of Methods of Analysis and Imagination, my colleagues and

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WUP Movies: how it all started?

Following Jorge Mejía Hernández’s initiative, Working Group 1, which was in charge of scientific communication, invited several Action members to record their thoughts and findings

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Translating the Mid-sizedEuropean City edited byMichael G. Kelly, Jorge Mejía Hernández, Sonja Novak, Giuseppe Resta The present collection of translations arises from our work within

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